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About 3d city Inc

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  •  100+ clients

  • 1000+ projects

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3d city, inc. is an integrated, full–service 3d rendering and visualization company,
providing back-end digital media development solutions for architectural firms, advertising agencies, and other creative entities across the United States and Europe.

3d city, inc.'s range of capabilities include 3d animation, modeling and special effects, as well as digital video/audio processing, multimedia development, virtual reality, etc.

As a complete technology solution, we combine the best in technical planning, development and implementation of new media projects.

A wide range of our services empower creative firms with the ability to offer their clients with the newest and most advanced technologies in marketing and product visualization, all without compromising their resources on the creative side.

3d computer animation brings your design concept to life.
3d city, inc. works with you to produce a virtual walk-through of your design.
We create rich textured and highly detailed 3d models that can be explored from any perspective.

Solutions are far reaching, from financing and fund raising to marketing and sales tools.
3d city, inc. works with blueprints, CAD files, and design concepts to create three dimensional, computer-animated models.